Boviere Grand Cru Champagne

The price list attempts to describe the various qualities of champagne which we sell. However, the best words in the world can't really compete with your taste buds and we hope that you will initially try what appeals to you, let us know what you think, and then make your way through the entire list. We could put together a mixed selection in cartons of six: please get in touch and we will try to provide you with what you would like to try.

Boviere Vintage champagne is only made in years when the grapes are good enough to justify the extra cost of Vintage registration, the special bottling and the costs of longer maturation in the cellars cut into the hillside beneath the producer's premises in the village of Verzenay. If the Bovieres declare a Vintage it is not a marketing exercise - it's a declaration of excellence.

The Boviere vineyard is very small and there is a finite amount of champagne we can import from them. Basically, when it's gone it's gone and we all have to wait until the next year's release which happens in May. If you would like to pre-order for a special event, please let us know and we will endeavour to put stock aside for you until you can take delivery.


A lovely, generous wine with initial nose of small red fruits and appealing bready notes. Tight, creamy mousse and a slight residual sweetness. A very pleasing champagne.

Case of 6 bottles (75cl)£150
Magnum (1.5l)Apart from the obvious benefits, they make wonderful presents£50
Jeroboam (3.0l)The ultimate party bottle or a generous present£115

Blanc de Noirs

An elegant wine with initial citrus notes and a finely integrated mousse. Develops into a warmer palate, but nonetheless refreshing and with a good balance of minerality. An ideal aperitif, it will also suit lobster, scallops and crab particularly well.

Case of 6 bottles (75cl)£180

Brut Rose

An elegant rose colour with a hint of coral. Fragrant nose of orange blossom and parma violets opening to forest fruits on the palate. A supple wine, with evident joie de vivre!

Case of 6 bottles (75cl)£174


A well rounded, traditional demi-sec with gentle sweetness and a honeyed softness. Ideal on its own or as a partner for a fruit tart or perhaps a summer pudding.

Case of 6 bottles (75cl)£150

Blanc de Blancs

Currently out of stock. Please indicate if interested. Grapefruit and lime notes initially. Taut on the palate with mineral tones and a nice touch of steeliness.

Case of 6 bottles (75cl)£165

Cuvee de Reserve

Initially restrained nose, developing a lovely apple freshness on the palate, with a fine balanced mousse. Fine depth of flavour and excellent balance.

Cuvee de Reserve is no longer produced but we do have a very small stock of magnums.

Magnum (1.5l)Apart from the obvious benefits, they make wonderful presents£58

Cuvee de Prestige 2012

An ebullient champagne in a fresh dry style. Spring flowers on the nose and zesty, citrus notes on the palate. Drinks well now but will keep to good effect.

Case of 6 bottles (75cl)£180
Magnum (1.5l)Apart from the obvious benefits, they make wonderful presents£62

Vintage 2007

Lovely orchard fruits on the nose, with a hint of hazelnut and toast initially, developing complexity in the glass to notes of fine patisserie. Finely integrated mousse and a persistent, balanced finish. Drinking excellently now but will keep.

Case of 6 bottles (75cl)£240