BOVIERE GRAND CRU CHAMPAGNE comes from one of the top five champagne villages in the officially designated Champagne region. The winemaker, who is also the grower, sells 30% of the yield grown on this premium land to the truly great ‘houses’ in the champagne world to improve the quality at the top end of their ranges. The Bovieres’ meticulously tended vines produce superlative Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes from which they produce their own label champagne which has been sold by Raynham Champagne in Britain for the past 22 years.

The colour is rich, the bubbles very small: a reassuring sign of excellence and purity. Firstly, there are no chemicals used to bleach out the colour sometimes given to the juice by the skins of damaged fruit; the pressing is done in a traditional wooden press and quality control on the inclusion of mouldy and spoilt grapes is rigorous, driven by intense family pride in the quality and appearance of their champagne. Secondly, no chemical is used to prevent the formation of crystals which sometimes form during very cold weather or after prolonged cold storage. The crystals disappear quite naturally when the bottles are brought into a warmer environment for 24 hours and the wine can then be chilled once more for consumption.

The makers assure us that the alcohol content of their champagne disappears out of the bloodstream very quickly after the initial feeling of exhilaration, but we haven’t gone so far as to test this by breathalyser... We very much hope that you will enjoy Boviere champagne – the third and fourth glasses taste just as delicious, maybe even better than the first and you will never regret drinking it at lunchtime – not a claim that many brands could make.